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Integration of layout in WordPress?




Tell me, please, there is a layout for the site, one main page, and 2 internal ones. The internal ones have different HTML code, the header is slightly different, the content is completely different. How to integrate this into WordPress?

I tried to insert the main code into index.php, added

to the file path

& lt;? php bloginfo ("template_directory"); ? & gt; /

shows everything. And for one of the internal ones I made a template, the file clubfloor.php, before the HTML code I wrote:

& lt;? php
/ *
Template Name: VIP Lounge Club Floor Page Template
* /
? & gt;

I created a new page in the admin area and applied this template to it, added the paths in the template to all files in the same way through, but when you go to this page in the address bar, the template is not applied. Please tell me how to implement all this correctly

Answer 1, authority 100%

Try to use some kind of basic theme that is not overflowing with whipped elements, and some kind of constructors … in this situation, they are easier to understand.

Here is a good guide to creating a theme from scratch, in Since I am primarily a layout designer, it was clearer for me to do just that.

There is also this an article with a selection of basic topics, but here you need to look at your functionality that you want to saw.

Shortcodes Pro will also be useful for this approach, if not overused

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