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Does not read Russian




Working with files, My code:

package com.company;
Import java.io. *;
Import java.util.scanner;
Public Class Censore {
  Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) Thrown Exception {
    FileReader FR = New FileReader ("C: \\ Users \\ Stepan \\ List.Txt");
    Scanner Scan = New Scanner (New InputStreamReader (
        New FileInputStream ("C: \\ Users \\ Stepan \\ List.Txt"), "UTF-8");
    String T = scan.nextline ();
    FR.Close ();
    System.Out.printLN (T);
    String [] Mats = T.Split ("");
    Scanner FX = NEW Scanner (System.in);
    String Stroka = FX.NextLine ();
    For (int i = 0; i & lt; longarray; i ++) {
      STROKA = STROKA.REPLACEALL (Mats [i], "* censorship *");
    System.out.PrintLN (Stroka);

In the file, Russian characters. When reading them, � icons appear. Apparently there is a problem in the UTF-8 encoding. I work in Intellij Idea. Tell me how to fix.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Standard Windows Encoding is CP-1251 . in java It is encoded as Windows-1251 , therefore You need to write in your code as follows:

Scanner Scan = New Scanner (New InputStreamReader (
    New FileInputStream ("C: \\ Users \\ Stepan \\ List.Txt"), "Windows-1251"));

For reference:

"ISO-8859-1" - Western European languages
"Windows-1251" - Standard Windows (Russian)
"UTF-8" - Unicode

Answer 2

What is the encoding of a text file? You can learn notpad, etc.
And try to know what encoding gives the idea, you can check the resulting result here: http: //www.online- decoder.com/en

And more Check which encoding is on the idea itself (Editor – & GT; File Encodings)

Answer 3

xs how to fix, but Windows uses the CP1251 encoding, and there are a manual symbols to be encrypted by other bytes than in UTF-8 (which uses the development medium in the idea of ​​such exactly), i.e. read bytes need to be translated into symbols using cp1251 encoding

Answer 4

Try it:

Scanner Scanner = New Scanner (
    New InputStreamReader ("FileNMAE"), "UTF-8"));

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