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Is it convenient to program on tablets?




Perhaps the question is not on the topic, but I would like to ask experienced users: who came across the need to program on the tablet and is it convenient to do it on the basis of android?

heard that the compilers are put on the Android, and that some people with comfort are typing the code on the tablet, as on PC.

Is it worth trying such a way or better take an inexpensive laptop? Interested, mainly in programming on Java.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

There are more or less suitable plates under Windows on X86 – ASUS Transformer Pad and MS Surface.


  • available for use any IDE
  • You can find similar tablets with an increased screen DPI to compensate for a small screen diagonal


  • Small and uncomfortable keyboard (Surface extremely low keys, and transformer uncomfortable keys).

As for Android – try to find at least one IDE comparable to the features with IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans. There is no analogues for Android in principle and will not be coming probably 5. In terms of programming on Java – these IDE will noticeably help their built-in tools.

In this question, I am inclined to agree with @zzashpaupat – a laptop will be much more practical.

Answer 2, Authority 67%

I will say my personal opinion: heresy is.
All Normal IDE for Java are created only for PCs: IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans.
I would have taken a laptop in your place and programmed on it.

Answer 3, Authority 33%

I tried to write with the AIDE under android write at least something for android. I have not seen such Satanism even on Halloween. Threat tablets – for housewives, faces and casual gamers. Well, or for special tasks, where you need to click quite rarely (readers, team consoles, storekeners, etc.). And in order to write intensely good, different from Hallow WORD, you need to click often, and not on the screen but on the keyboard. Perhaps the only single plus tablets – the ability to work standing.

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