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How to overcome the error when installing Ubuntu next to Windows 10: “Failed to execute the GRUB-INSTALL / DEV / SDA2 command”?




There is a goal – to supply Ubuntu next to Windows 10. Before that, Linux never installed, and the experience of using was short and not related to its technical part.

At some point, the installation flies the window with the words: “Failed to execute the ‘GRUB-Install / Dev / SDA2 command. This is an incorrigible error.'”:

Then 2 windows that the installation is completed, and that the installation program is emergency completed. Then one more window with the title: “Installation Failed” and text: “The Installer Encountered An Unrecoverable Error. A Desktop Session Will Now Be Run So That You May Investigate The Problem or Try Installing Again”.

When re-installing all the same.

if someone makes clarity which structure of the disks of my laptop, then:

  • red highlighted that section where I intend to install ubuntu;
  • If I did not take anything, then: SDA4 – C, SDA7 disk – Disc D, SDA8 is the place where I want to put Ubuntu.

Yes, I was looking for solutions. For example, there is such an answer: https://askubuntu.com/a/571582 . Perhaps this is a decision, but I didn’t even understand him with a translator :(.

If you need some other data, then check, I will make an update question.

upd1. I tried to install Grub not in SDA2, and in SDA – everything is the same, interrupted in the same place.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

The decision comes down to using the Boot Repair utility. Here is more information about it. But Instructions , which helped me.

Solution algorithm is approximately following:

  1. after error reboot the computer
  2. re-run the setting flash drive
  3. Instead of installation, choose Try Linux
  4. Install Boot Repair
  5. Run and select Recommended Repair (Top Button)

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