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How to make a bar code on PHP? Namely with numbers, that is, on the site after filling out the form, an order form appears with a bar code, and each time after filling out the user’s form, the numbers in the barcode must change. Example:


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Use the Barcode PHP

require_once ('class / bcgfontfile.php');
Require_ONCE ('class / bcgcolor.php');
Require_ONCE ('Class / BCGDrawing.php');
Require_once ('class / bcgcode128.barcode.php');
Header ('Content-Type: Image / PNG');
$ color_white = new bcgcolor (255, 255, 255);
$ Code = New BCGCode128 ();
$ Code- & GT; Parse ('Hello');
$ Drawing = New BCGDRAWING ('', $ color_white);
$ drawing- & gt; setbarcode ($ Code);
$ Drawing- & gt; draw ();
$ Drawing- & GT; FINISH (BCGDrawing :: img_format_png);

 Enter here a description of the image

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