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Local web server Denver last version is installed, there is a PHP file in which the UTF-8 encoding is the format of this UTF-8 file without BOM, and on the output text is displayed in the CP1251 encoding. What to do?

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The problem is that in the configuration file of the Denverovsky Apache-server as a default encoding, “Windows-1251” is shown, for this reason, the instructions for using the use of this particular encoding are forcibly transmitted to the browsers. Very often, this instruction is perceived as a fundamental, and the browser does not pay attention to what you pass with a meta tag.

httpd.conf is responsible for global instructions for the server, i.e. The changes made to it will affect all sites that we will be stored on the server. You need to edit it: We are looking for “adddefaultcharset Windows-1251” and change it to “AdddefaultCharset UTF-8”.

Restart the server and everything should be fine 🙂

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