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Remove the last element of the array




Using the Simple HTML DOM parser, I get an array:

$ otveti_utf8_o = $ doc- & gt; find (". message");

I output this array in reverse order:

$ otveti_utf8 = array_reverse ($ otveti_utf8_o);

Now I need to remove the last element from this array.
Tried doing with array_pop function:

$ otveti_utf8_o = $ doc- & gt; find (". message");
$ otveti_utf8_a = array_reverse ($ otveti_utf8_o);
$ otveti_utf8 = array_pop ($ otveti_utf8_a);
for ($ i = 0; $ i & lt; count ($ otveti_utf8); $ i ++) {// remove the first item
  echo $ otveti_utf8 [$ i]. "& lt; hr / & gt;";


Cannot use object of type simple_html_dom_node as array in

How do I remove the last element of an array in my case?

Answer 1, authority 100%

it’s all about carelessness. the error does not occur when deleting an array element.

you removed the element

$ otveti_utf8 = array_pop ($ otveti_utf8_a);

and at this stage there are no errors. The error occurs on the following line:

for ($ i = 0; $ i & lt; count ($ otveti_utf8); $ i ++) {

more specifically, when trying to call count ($ otveti_utf8) , instead of obviously count ($ otveti_utf8_a) .
In this regard, there is such an error message that instead of an array, an object of the class simple_html_dom_node was passed (that is, the extracted element)

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