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VK API User.get – Why are some fields empty?




I understand the VK API. I want to pull out the user information on the Games, Education, Occupation fields. On the test page, https://vk.com/dev/users:Get All fields are returned :
What gives the test form

But when I do through Java SDK. Not all fields come:
My answer

Here is a fragment of my code:

string str = vk.users (). Get (New UseRactor (App_ID, access_token))
        .userids ("5933129")
        .fields (userfield.education,
        .ExecuteAsstring ();
System.out.PrintLN (STR);

From the documentation I learned that


But I seem to pass Access_Token through the UserActor object, or I do not understand something. As an ACCESS_Token, I use the ‘service key of access’ which took from the settings in the application’s personal account.

I tried to execute via the browser:

https://api.vk.com/method/users.get?user_ids=5933129& ;fields=games, Education, Occupation & amp; Access_Token = xxxxxxx3 & amp; v = 5.69

also comes Hidden: 1

Question how to achieve all fields return?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

When you execute a request through the page https://vk.com/dev/users.getYou execute it with a user access key.

Apparently the user hid the data you are interested in from unauthorized users.

To work fine. You need to get User Access Key

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