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Problem with Production Version Applications




Good day!
My problem is that in Production -rubs ROR applications there are some problems with the display. That’s what’s there – http://foto-kladov.ru/ .

The impression as if some resources / assets were not found. As far as I know, the product version differs from the start of the same Development or test version. Need, for example, compile resources. So, in fact, I would really like to know what the essence of my problem, dear Rubists? I would be very grateful to any help.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Rails App Not Serving Assets in Production Environment

Again: I am not a chop, so be prepared to roll back the changes, but:

Rails_env = Production Bundle Exec Rake Assets: Precompile

should simply transfer the statics (it does not roll back, but should not harm)

config.assets.compile = true

in production.rb should force the rails with a machine to transfer static

Answer 2

If the above method did not work, you can try in the config / environmental / product.rb file manually specify an assets

config.assets.precompile + =% w (example.css.scss)

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