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For MySQL, there is a MySQL Workbench for Oracle – SQL Developer.
And which environment gives a similar functionality for MSSQL?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

MS SQL Management Studio Express is a free version. Download from their site

Answer 2, Authority 25%

I’ll clarify a little answer – IDE – MS SQL Management Studio – Complete with all versions of MS SQL Server, except the Express version – is sufficiently convenient for development (especially if adddons) is usually used to it.
For the Express version, it can be downloaded from their site – it goes a separate component.

Answer 3

There is also an alternative to SSMS – DBForge Studio for SQL Server . Personally, I did not use her, but according to reviews they say cool. She is paid, but there is an option if I’m not mistaken, free (in no commercial purposes for one developer). In general, you can look about it information.

Answer 4

I really like Heidisql, too, free.


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